Zucchini and tomatos cake / Sformato di zucchine e pomodori

With the latest zucchini and tomatoes from my garden here comes a good recipe!   Ingredients: 2 zucchini 3 tomatoes 3.8 oz of provolone cheese 3 tablespoon of bread crumbs olive oil q.s. salt to taste.   Preparations: Wash and cut the zucchini and tomatoes washers. In a baking dish from oven sprinkle about a tablespoon… Continue reading Zucchini and tomatos cake / Sformato di zucchine e pomodori

Pesce / Fish

Baked fish / Pesce al cartoccio

The baked fish is a simple and quick way to cook fish. Cooking in foil is ideal pairing between full-bodied taste of baking and steam sobriety in preserving the maximum nutrients from food. Cooking in foil provides for the winding of the food in aluminum foil, after being seasoned to taste with spices and various… Continue reading Baked fish / Pesce al cartoccio

Carne / Meat

Polpettone con pancetta / Bacon meatloaf

An alternative to ordinary meat loaf is meat loaf covered with bacon. A new flavor. Ingredients: 17.6 oz ground turkey 2 eggs 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs 1/2 cup milk salt to taste black pepper to taste 5 slices of bacon 5.2 oz of ham 5.2 oz of provolone Directions: In a saucepan add water and bring it to boil with an… Continue reading Polpettone con pancetta / Bacon meatloaf

Pastry and more / Paste e pasticci

Patatoes pie / Gattò di patate

The gateau (Italian gattò) of potatoes is a typical dish of southern Italy specially of Campanian cuisine. According to the narration this dish was invented in 1768 for the Queen Maria Carolina’s wedding. The sovereign had brought the French chefs in Naples to make them cook some of French dishes.  Nevertheless the gattò is to… Continue reading Patatoes pie / Gattò di patate


Green and red cavatelli / Cavatelli verdi e rossi

I really like pesto and usually I make pasta with it but today I wanted to try a new recipe. In the fridge I had the broccoli rabe  and I combined them together with dried tomato and pesto to make a creative first course! Ingredients: • 3.5 oz of pasta • 2 tablespoons of pesto •… Continue reading Green and red cavatelli / Cavatelli verdi e rossi