Carne / Meat

Meatballs with mushrooms / Polpette ai funghi

There are many different ways to cook the meatballs. We can create and add to the meat several simple ingredients. I thought I’d cook the meatballs along with the mushrooms. do you like it?   Ingredients: 1 pound ground turkey 1 egg 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs 1 glass of milk 2 sprigs of parsley salt to taste… Continue reading Meatballs with mushrooms / Polpette ai funghi


Spinach salad / Insalata di spinaci

“Eat your spinach to become stronger as popeye.” This was what my parents told me when I was young in order to eat spinach … LOL Now I eat spinach and tonight I made a light, healthy salad with lots of spinach. Ingredients: 3.5 oz fresh spinach 1 tablespoon dried cranberries  1 tablespoon slices almonds 1 tablespoon pickled… Continue reading Spinach salad / Insalata di spinaci

Uova / Egg

Savory omelet / Omelette salate

Omelets is a dish made with eggs originally from French. According to the Academie des Gastronomes the word omelet comes from a dish of ancient Rome, an omelet with eggs and honey, called ovamellita; in the sixteenth century, in Florence,the omelet was called “fish egg” for his shape, this name is still used today in… Continue reading Savory omelet / Omelette salate

Paste e pasticci / Pastry · Senza categoria

Shells zucchini and shrimp / Vol-au-vent zucchine e gamberetti

Puff shells are little baskets that can be filled with different ingredients. Tonight I prepared them with zucchini and shrimp. They can be served as appetizers or even as a main course. Ingredients: 6 puff shells ½ pound shrimps 2 small zucchini Directions: Place in oven and cook the puff shells. After about 20 minutes… Continue reading Shells zucchini and shrimp / Vol-au-vent zucchine e gamberetti

Pesce / Fish

Shrimp cocktail / Cocktail di gamberi

The shrimp cocktail is a delicious and tasty seafood appetizer. The delicate flavor of the shrimp goes perfectly with the strong taste of the pink sauce, giving rise to a conflict of pleasant and refined flavors. The shrimp cocktail is very suitable also for structured and elegant lunches and dinners with fish. Ingredients: ½ pound… Continue reading Shrimp cocktail / Cocktail di gamberi